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A Walk In The Park - Date 08/06/2020

Need some inspiration? How about a trip to the nearby Cannon Park Field to clear your head and stretch your legs?

Cheers! - Date 08/03/2020

Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc? Perfectly chilled or mixed in your favorite cocktail, white wine is one of the most versatile summer drinks – How do you enjoy it?

Celebrate Your Friends - Date 07/30/2020

Friendship Day at Ralston Courtyards, California

Friends are the family we choose – and since today is friendship day let them know how important they are to you!

We Love Pets - Date 07/27/2020

Pet On Bed at Ralston Courtyards, Ventura

One cuddle from your furry friend, and even the most daunting Monday morning looks better!

Cool Drinks for Hot Days - Date 07/24/2020

Lemons at Ralston Courtyards, Ventura, California

Hot summer days and ice-cold drinks go hand in hand. Enjoy them by the pool, and you’re in for a treat!

Pancake Time! - Date 07/21/2020

IHOP at Ralston Courtyards, Ventura, 93003

Q: What do pancakes, and a 10-minute walk have in common? A: The amount of time it takes to reach IHOP and enjoy one of their delicious treats!

The Ralston Courtyards Lifestyle - Date 07/17/2020

Cycling at Ralston Courtyards, Ventura, CA

Let our Ventura apartments inspire you and check out our virtual tours for a closer look at what it means to live at Ralston Courtyards!

Summer Moments - Date 07/13/2020

Selfie On Beach at Ralston Courtyards, Ventura, CA, 93003

With the summer breeze in your hair and the promise of a fun day spent splashing around, the ride to Ventura City Beach passes by unnoticed – At least that’s what we’ve heard!

Easy Living - Date 07/09/2020

Comfortable Bedrooms at Ralston Courtyards, Ventura

Feeling a soft carpet under your toes, smelling freshly brewed coffee, or drawing the blinds to let natural light pour in are all part of our Ventura homes. What’s your favorite thing about living at Ralston Courtyards?

Plastic Free July Challenge - Date 07/07/2020

Plastic Free at Ralston Courtyards, Ventura, California

Going plastic-free long term might sound complicated, but it’s not impossible! With so many alternatives easily available, would you be willing to say no to plastic for the rest of the month?!