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Chat With Us - Date 09/25/2020

We know not everyone enjoys making phone calls, so we make it easy for you to text, chat, or email us anytime you want & with any questions you might have!

Car Free Day - Date 09/22/2020

We can all contribute towards making the planet a better place. For example, today is #carfreeday, and the perfect moment to leave your car parked and explore alternatives means of transportation like biking or walking!

Cheeseburger Day! - Date 09/18/2020

It’s #CheeseburgerDay! So make sure you treat your taste buds to a delicious and cheesy meal from your favorite burger maker. Or you can fire-up the grills and make your own!

Shop Local - Date 09/16/2020

Out of chocolate flakes for your favorite pancakes? Just pop in at the nearby Vons and get your fix. The California-born supermarket chain is only a short walk from your home at Ralston Courtyards!

Check Our Specials! - Date 09/11/2020

We know these past few months were tough, and we’re doing everything we can to support our current & future residents. This is why we reduced the rent by 10% from April through September. Find out more about our latest specials and contact our team!

Laundry Made Easy - Date 09/07/2020

Is it laundry day again? No worries – the in-unit washers & dryers at Ralston Courtyards make this chore pass by without a hitch.

Safety Comes First! - Date 09/03/2020

Because your safety comes first, at Ralston Courtyards we take every precaution needed to protect the health of our current and future residents. Call us to schedule a socially distanced tour of our homes in Ventura!

Cat Facts - Date 09/01/2020

Did you know a cat’s whiskers are as wide as its body? This is how your feline friend knows exactly where it can fit without worry!

Summer Time - Date 08/27/2020

Q: What do palm trees, a swimming pool, and lounge chairs with umbrellas have in common? A: They’re all waiting to cool you off on hot summer days at Ralston Courtyards!

Sushi Time! - Date 08/25/2020

Sushi, also known as small bites of happiness by those who really enjoy it, is always a great idea. Luckily, you can order yours anytime you want from O-Sabi.